"Prior to selling our current home, my wife, Pat, and I had done three real estate transactions with Ellen, each one quick, painless, and ending in great result. When it came time to sell our family home in Chevy Chase Village, we pretty much expected the same outcome. The market, however, had different plans for us, and it was through this more complicated and challenging transaction that we came to realize the true value of Ellen. Throughout this often stressful process, she was the epitome of professionalism. She was always available, and not just by phone but for frequent face-to-face discussions. She was tireless in her efforts to get our house sold. Ellen got us to the finish line, and we felt like we could not have been in better plans.
But not only is Ellen a top-notch real estate agent, she is also a great person who cared for us and timely met all of our many needs. Her friendly and kind concern in us as clients was overshadowed only by her know-how and her indomitable will bring this latest property sale to a close. Although these past nine months were difficult for my family and me, she was there for us every step of the way. It was not only her superb skills as the ultimate real estate professional that got us a final yet overall good experience to go along with almost 20 years of good memories that our family will remember from living at Quincy Street. Pat and I owe her a great deal of thanks and gratitude for a job well done."

Gael & Pat D.
Chevy Chase Village

"One of the hardest and most stressful things you can do is buy (and sell) a house. Ellen made the process as painless as possible! I had the good fortune to work with Ellen this summer. Not only did she help me sell my house in very short order, but she helped me find my dream house! Ellen is truly the best! She is smart, easy to work with, on top of every detail, always accommodating, and she knows the DC area real estate market in and out. She helped me every step of the way. I never could have survived the process without her. I can’t say enough good things about her!"

Linda G.
Chevy Chase, DC

"My husband and I decided to purchase our first home in early 2013 just as the local real estate market turned, becoming fiercely competitive. We were deer in the headlights. Ellen was remarkable– helping us to understand our options and strategize the buying process. More importantly, she just “got” us. She quickly understood what we were looking for and what would and wouldn’t work for our family. In the end, her instincts and years of experience put us in our wonderful home. She called us up one morning to say she had just seen a property that wasn’t listed yet, but that was perfect for us– and it was. Right location, right price, right size, right amount of yard (Not too much! We have black thumbs!) Then, her years of experience kicked in, helping us navigate bids, escalation clauses and contingencies amid nine other bidders. We love our house more every day and we owe it all to Ellen!"

Sophie & Tim H.
Chevy Chase, DC

"My family and I have bought and sold more than a dozen homes with Ellen over the last twenty-plus years. Her professionalism and personality help to alleviate the stress associated with what can be one of the most difficult and significant decisions we make in our lifetime. We are especially please with her in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in the Washington region. We feel lucky to have found her and can’t recommend her highly enough."

Julia & Peter
Chevy Chase, DC

"My daughter and son-in-law were recommended to Ellen when they were ready to buy their first home. I accompanied my daughter to see several houses and got to know Ellen. When I was ready to downsize I called her. My purchase was difficult but Ellen handled everything perfectly with diplomacy and patience. She is a very knowledgeable and skillful negotiator and knew what was important to me. When it came time to sell my family home of 36 years I was persuaded out of family loyalty to list with another brokerage. The most important component when selling your home is the listing price, and it’s crucial to listen to the “pros.” We hear about the big sales and we immediately think that our beautiful, precious homes will sell above our asking prices. But these sales are few and far between when an agent over prices a home, they are pleasing the seller, not dealing with the reality of the market. After a few months with no offers I asked Ellen to take over the listing, she knows the market and what sells at what price. I wish I had used her from the onset. Ellen is unfailing patient and imaginative in her dealings and after two months I had signed a contract. I was very happy and relieved; I can’t imagine any other agent being able to negotiate all the bumps, twists, and turns that this deal represented. It is important to have an open, communicative, and comfortable relationship with your agent. You are in this important deal together, and you must completely trust your agent. This is certainly the relationship I developed with Ellen. I cannot recommend her more highly."

Sally F.
Chevy Chase, MD

"We have worked with Ellen for the past 25 years. We have bought and sold through her and with her guidance multiple times. Without exception, each experience has been great. She understands what her clients are looking for. The list of superlatives to describe working with her would take two pages, but integrity, honesty, and total professionalism are at the top of the list. You're in great hands."

Tom & Bob
Georgetown, DC

"Fantastic! Courtney is hard working, knowledgeable, responsive, and very professional. From the very beginning she kept me informed every step of the way. Her advice was spot on and it helped sell my house very quickly. She is also very personable and had my best interest at heart. I definitely recommend her to anyone trying to sell their house."

Stacy and Patrick T.
AU Park

"This letter is to thank you for the excellent job you did in selling my mother’s house this spring. Your upbeat and positive manner went a long way toward keeping us motivated and on course through it all. Additionally, your estimate on the potential sale price was right on the mark and the events leading up to the sale went off just as you said they would. It isn’t often that one feels as secure in a business transaction as we did with you. May you have continued success and happy clients."

Wayne S.
Chevy Chase, DC

"We had the unique pleasure of working with Courtney Abrams. We highly recommend her for anyone seeking a trustworthy, talented and dedicated realtor. In a highly competitive and limited market, Courtney created a successful strategy that we believe was the primary factor in our ability to purchase the condominium of our dreams. Her dedicated work provided us an offer before our property was even listed and we sold above our asking price in five days. Bottom-line: Courtney is exceptionally qualified and highly effective in achieving the objectives of her clients. There is no doubt in our minds that without Courtney’s particular dedication and experience, it would never have happened."

Charlotte and Tim F.
Dupont Circle